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Just Great .... So How do i protect myself against the next Tenant From Hell?

They seemed like such nice people when they looked at the apartment unit. Their rental history checked out, their credit was good and they had more than enough income to pay the rent. Then the pod people came, beamed them up to the mother ship and replaced them with these foul-mouthed cretins who are vibrating the walls with gangsta rap every night.

Sound Familar?

Rent arrears, Fraudulent references, Drugs, Prostitution and more

Most tenants are good people who pay their rent and cause no trouble. But eventually, every landlord encounters the other kind The Tenants From Hell. Do you realy know what your prospective new tenant was like at his previous address? Did his past landlord go through hell to get rid of him? Can you realy verify his references or is his buddy on the other end of the phone line acting as his current landlord? Do you realy have the time to drive accross town to visit with the current landlord? What's a landlord to do in avoiding The Tenants From Hell ? The answer is find out before its too late! How? .... click here

Some Tenant Horror Stories

Some of the horror stories recounted by Landlords include:

- A group of young tenants set fire to everything in the property including the floorboards, doors and skirting boards. They took the plaster off the walls to burn the wooden batons behind.

- One lady tenant established two "massage parlours" with visitors throughout the night. She was eventually evicted after a costly legal battle.

- A tenant took 12 months to vacate his property and paid no rent for the entire period. He was an expert in Human Rights legislation.

- A professional con man used a property under a false name for a succession of credit card frauds and benefit cheats. He has still not been traced.

- One tenant removed everything from inside the property including the carpets and left it in a pile in the garden before departing.

- A catering company used an up-market property like a hotel and wrecked it causing almost $10,000 worth of damage.

Note: before all you tenants out there start writing in about dodgy landlords, we do know there are two sides to the story. how to protect yourself as a tenant... more info

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